We all know the struggle. You love your beautiful, unique locks, but you wish they were stronger, longer, and had more of an “I just shot a Pantene commercial” thickness to them. Growing out your mane to be it’s healthiest, best self can be a bit of a process, but thankfully we put together a few of our favorite tips to help you get those perfect tresses you’ve been dreaming about in no time. 

Time Is Your (Best) Friend

Growing out your hair is no small feat. Even the healthiest of scalps can take months to grow a long, luxurious mane. While this might seem frustrating at first, remember that during this growth process, time is your baffle! If you do your part of maintaining healthy hair, you should be able to grow about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of your locks per month. This slow growth is a good thing because it will allow your hair to take its time and grow strong locks the first time around. So, be patient and let your hair do its thing!

The More You Cut The More You Grow

This may seem counterintuitive, but getting regular trims can help you grow longer, healthier hair. Over time, split ends can wreak havoc on your hair and work their negative energy all the way up your hair follicle to your scalp. This can harp on your hair’s natural growth process and make the whole experience that much more frustrating. To nip this problem in the bud, make sure you get regular micro-trims (that is, about an eighth of an inch) every 10 to 12 weeks.

Give Your Hair Conditional Love

We all know you should skip a day or two in between shampoos to keep your hair’s natural oils in check, but did you know that giving your scalp some regular conditional love can help your hair grow faster? Making sure you condition your hair and scalp every time you shampoo helps ensure your hair shaft retains it’s lipids and proteins (which are vital for growth!) and helps seal your cuticle to prevent further damage. Want to give your hair a little extra love? Substitute your regular hot water rinse with cold water cleanse to keep all the moisture locked and loaded in your gorgeous hair. Along with your regular after-shampoo conditions, try incorporating a weekly deep-condition into your hair care routine. Use a pre-made mask for your hair type or DIY a natural oil-rich treatment for the best results. Try our Wake Up! Mask if you’re looking to restore volume and shine, or spring for our Nighty Night mask to give your hair the moisture it’s been thirsty for.

Be Gentle And Kind To Your Locks

One of the easiest ways to keep your hair grow long and healthy? Be gentle with it whenever you can. That means making sure you use a light brush (boar bristle brushes are the best) and a soft brushing technique (like working your way from the bottom up) to avoid causing too much breakage. Another way you can give your hair extra TLC? Treat yo self to a satin or silk pillowcase over the traditional cotton to keep knots to a minimum. And, while you’re on the anti-breakage train, make sure you don’t wrap your hair up turban-style in a thick cotton towel or sport a too-tight ponytail on a regular basis. Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a break from the heat-styling every now and then! Being hyper-conscious of the little ways you can be gentle with your hair on the reg will help encourage amazing growth.

Grow From The Inside Out

There are a hundred different ways you can nourish your hair on the outside to encourage out-of-this-world growth, but the best thing you can do for your locks is focused on growing them from the inside out. How do you do this? Start by cleaning up your diet! Eating fresh, whole foods (especially dark leafy greens and protein-rich nuts and seeds) will help your hair start and stay strong, plus as a bonus, you’ll get longer, stronger nails, too! And, along with practicing healthy nutrition, you may consider taking a daily supplement like biotin or a hair vitamin to aid in your growth project.



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