For those who are wondering how to get the latest beauty looks regardless of the amount of time at your disposal, you’re in for good news.

As many a girl knows, when life gets busy, our makeup routines can get short-changed. But for those who are wondering how to get the latest beauty looks regardless of the amount of time at your disposal, you’re in for good news. Your makeup should rely on the foundation of a strong skin care routine. So if you’ve been following this blog, you’re already 50 percent ready to face your day! (While I won’t mention the skincare routine part of putting on your makeup, I’m assuming you already know that putting on cosmetics on a washed and prepped face goes without saying.)

Without further ado, here are three make up routines that will keep you looking your best, no matter your time limitations.

The 10-minute face.

  1. SPF BB cream. Korean cosmetics companies have created a miracle product by adding a high numbered SPF in their BB creams. Spread this on for sun protection and to even out your skin tone.
  1. Concealer. Use a concealer to hide any acne blemishes (hey, everyone has bad days), or dark circles under the eyes.
  1. Eyeliner. I’m a girl that loves her eyeliner and strives to get a perfect cat eye (and perfect skin) but yeah, I love eyeliner. From thick, winged, and black, to soft, brown, and cute—applying eyeliner is a real statement piece in my beauty routine.
  1. Highlighter or blush. Without either of these, the tendency is to look washed out after applying BB cream and concealer, so add some highlighter or a blush for a natural glow.
  1. Gloss. Swipe on some gloss. And you’re good to go! This is the most basic face that will have you out the door and on time for that thing that couldn’t wait.

The 20-minute face.

  1. Primer. This product is to help create a smooth foundation for your BB cream. Apply this over your face and particularly any troublesome spots, like the chin, around the nose, and any area with enlarged pores.
  1. SPF BB cream or cushion compact. Here, too, I advise starting with an SPF BB cream. If you want to start with an SPF-only product, that’s fine, but you will need to let your sunscreen dry and soak into your skin, which will take time.
  1. Concealer + a setting powder. After concealing troublesome spots, brush or pat a setting or finishing powder over your skin. This will help your make up stay on for the whole day. If you are going for a more dewy look, you can skip the powder, which will give your skin a matte finish. 
  1. Eyebrow pencil or shadow. Brush up and fill in your brows.
  1. Eyeshadow and eyeliner. When you’re in a hurry, you can skip this to go for a more natural look. But if you have time and the inclination, add some fun-colored eyeshadow to your lids for excitement, or go classy with a nude.
  1. Mascara. It’s the step we skipped in the 10-minute face, but with extra time, you can afford to curl and sweep a wand over those lashes.
  1. Highlighter. Brush this on all the “peaks” of your face. 
  1. Lip Stain. Depending on your mood and the rest of the look you are going for, dab some gloss in the center of your lips, and spread outwards with your finger. Done! 

The 30-minute face.

  1. Primer, brightening, or whitening cream. If you know you’re going to have extra time, then concentrate on enhancing the beauty of clear skin. Use a brightening cream under the eyes or a whitening cream for a lighter tone overall.
  1. Sunscreen. Put on sunscreen and then let it dry. Do this when you (a) have the time, or (b) want to use a foundation or BB cream without a high SPF number.
  1. Cushion compact or BB cream. Light, compact and beneficial to your skin! If you’re a girl-on-the-go and you don’t have a cushion compact in your cosmetics arsenal, now is the time.
  1. Concealer, then a setting powder. Cover up those blemishes and then set and seal with a setting or finishing powder.
  1. Eyebrow wax and setting powder. After filling in your brows, use a setting powder to help those brows stay defined for longer. For the adventurous, there are stains and tints you can consider using, some that last up to a week. But be careful with the application as you don’t want to misapply this product.
  1. Eyeshadow. Apply on your lids and lash line.
  1. Eyeliner and mascara. Almost done now! Add eyeliner and then mascara to lengthen and add volume to those lashes and complete your eye step.
  1. Blush. Think natural glow when using blush. I know some girls who skip blush, favoring highlighter instead. But a little color can be nice, and in fact, it can become a statement on its own. I like to add a bit on my nose if I’m going for a “just been in the sun” look.
  1. Highlighter. Swipe across the forehead, across cheekbones, down the nose, and chin.
  1. Lip stain or tint. Okay, so I’ve not mentioned lip liner in either of the two previous makeup routines. The truth is, I don’t own a lip liner. Being Korean, I rarely see it in use in Korea. Go for a softer, natural look over something defined. Use a stain or a tint and finish up with a gloss.

 These three routines can be adapted to any amount of time you have. If I missed mentioning your favorite product, I apologize. The beauty of makeup routines is that they become yours through tailoring it to meet your needs. So, take these routines and make them yours by adapting it as desired!

— Eun-Ha Park

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