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Like most girls in the twenty-first century, my personality is a wide and broad range of emotions, moods, and unicorn magic (no, really). On Mondays, I might feel a little more gothic than the rest of the week, and by Friday I might be about that positive life, that I can’t help but to smile all day long. One of the benefits of being a girl with these multiple moods? Getting the opportunity to express them through my makeup! After all, makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self. To celebrate your unique inner self and it’s different moods, we put together a list of a few eye makeup looks to match your ever-changing personality. Read on for more!

The 90’s Smoker

If you’re a child of the 90’s, you know that this era was all about dark smokey eyes and intense black liner. If you’re in a bit of a gothic mood or just want to pay homage to what we consider the greatest decade of all time, try out this super simple smokey eye. All it takes is three quick shades!
To start, take your favourite matte black shadow and lightly (very, very lightly!) run it all over your lid. Keep it more subtle towards your inner eye and make it darker as you work your way toward your outer corner. Then, take your favourite silvery/grey shadow (we personally love
Behind for this look), and liberally apply that over the dark matte, going from your inner eye to the middle of your lid. Finally, take your go-to pinky/orange shade (like Orange Blossom) and work this into your crease to create a sunset shadow effect that’ll heighten that perfect dark lid. Skip the eyeliner on this look and top it off with a pair of amazing lashes if you’re feeling extra dramatic.

The Scorpio Babe

Everyone knows that Scorpios are known for their magnetic, dark and mysterious charm. Whether you’re putting out your most intense vibes to catch the attention of a cute boy or you’re just hardcore #feelingyourself, embodying a Scorpio look on your eyes will be sure to help you tap into your inner babe. 

For this look, start by sweeping a light beige all over your lid. Take a dusty rose shadow and work it from the middle of your lid up into your crease. Then, take your favourite smokey purple (we recommend our Purple Dark shadow) and work it all over your lid, keeping it lighter towards the bottom and darkening it as you head into the crease. Finish the look with a light black or dark grey towards the corner of your eyes to create a subtle cat eye, add mascara, and voila!
For a touch of extra magic, add a white or light pink sequin shade to the inner corners of your eyes.

The Romance Artist

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for romance and you just don’t know why. On those days, there’s nothing better than having an idyllic, romantic eye look to capture your love-laden mood. This look is one of our go-to favourites because it’s so incredibly easy to achieve. 

To start, take your favourite white/creamy shade and run it from your inner eye all the way over your lid. Take a mauve colour like Hunky and apply that gently from the middle of your lid towards the outer edge of your eye. Be sure to build on this colour as you work it outward, and darken it in the crease as you see fit. For the final colour and the big romantic gesture of this look, take a shimmery peach or pink like Sun and work this into and around your crease to create a sunset look. As always, top with eyeliner and mascara, and for a little extra romantic flare, throw on your favourite pair of lashes. Swoon!

The Rainbow Rebel

Feeling so stinkin’ happy that you just can’t hide it? If you’re in your hyper-positivity zone and are all about letting your colours show, opt for a rainbow look that matches your inner self. 

To get this look, make sure you prime your eyes well (our Expert Color Primer will do the trick) to ensure the colour is as vibrant as you are. Start with a cream shade and take that all over your lid and into your crease. From there, work with the lightest shade first and transition into the darker shades as you go. Take your favourite yellow shadow around your inner eye and into the first part of your lid, then follow that up with a shade of orange, a light pink, and then end with a purple toward the outer corner of your eyelid. On the bottom of your eyes, follow up the yellow shadow with light green and then a gorgeous metallic blue (we love Unusual for this!). Top the look with a healthy dose of thick black eyeliner on your top lid and of course, mascara. Now you’re ready to head out into the world and shine brighter than the rainbows in the sky.

The Calm Child

So maybe you’re not feeling quite intense enough to embody your inner Scorpio babe or excessively energetic enough to put on your best rainbow rebel. Maybe you’re feeling peaceful, and want a toned down eye look to match. Well, babe, we’ve got you covered! This look is subtle enough to wear at work or in any other daytime situation but is gorgeous enough to send off your peaceful vibes to all who cross your path. 

To kick off this look, take a matte pink shade like After Glow and run it all over your lid. Take either a shimmery pink like Undressed or a champagne colour like Soir and pat this over the matte shade. Finish the look with a matte black or dark grey around your outer corner. Be sure to blend all the colours together as you go to create a feathering-out affect that will be sure to amplify the calm, peaceful mood of your inner self.

Don’t Forget: Be Your Bold Self!

And there you have it! Eyeshadow looks to encapsulate whatever mood your inner self is in. Remember that the makeup is there to bring out the amazing personality that’s already there, so go out there with your bold self and rock these amazing looks!


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