Ever scroll through Instagram and feel eyelash envy? Wonder what’s going on? Well, aside from those who are wearing fake lashes, those ladies might know a trick or two about pairing the right kind of mascara to their eye shape.

Here is what you need to know about this beauty tip that could take your eye game to the next level, no matter your eye shape.

Best choice for hooded eyes

Eyes that are hooded have a crease that is hidden. You’re in good company here. Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence all have this eye shape. But there are some common troubles of hooded eyes. Namely, mascara applied to eyelashes will touch your eyelid. Often resulting in unwanted smudges on your eye makeup. To bypass this woe, make sure your makeup kit has a mascara that is water and smudge proof.

Best choice for monolid eyes

Because monolid eyes are limited in dimension, having eyelashes that stand out can help add that extra eye-catching flair for best makeup results. You want eyelashes that make a statement in volume, without being too over the top so that people are distracted by your lashes, instead of it enhancing your overall look. Go for a mascara that volumizes, and with a wand that is curved in shape so that each lash gets the special treatment. Hera’s Rich Volume Mascara is a good choice for eyes of this shape.

Best choice for large, round eyes

Lucky you! Large eyes are the easiest shape to dress up because most any mascara type will work to create the look of your choice, depending on how you are feeling that day. Your wand of choice can be straight, and overall, you do not need to chase after anything too gimmicky. Go for classic and whatever suits your look and the occasion. VDL’s Water Bomb Mascara might be just the thing to help you go from intense to classic to party-goer with a couple sweeps of the wand.

Best choice for small eyes

An easy fix for those with small eyes is to use mascara to help open them up and make them appear larger with a mascara that lengthen eyelashes. To give those lashes as much reach as possible, use a mascara fixer as a base, such as Etude House’s Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash. This mascara conditions and primes, while also containing micro black fibers to help give your lashes that little oomph for dramatic eyes that stand out and impress.

Best choice for downturned eyes

Wonder if this is your eye shape, but aren’t sure? If the outer corner of your eye is slightly lower than the inner corner, congrats, this is you! Because your eyes might have a naturally droopy look to them, mascara plays an important role in bringing balance and a lift to your eye makeup. Focus mascara on the outer corners and toward the middle. You can achieve accurate placement of mascara product with a selection like Espoir’s Ultimate Feather Volume Mascara that creates voluminous long lashes without clumping them together.

Best choice for almond-shaped eyes

A very common eye shape, and one which cosmetics companies know how to cater to. Look for a mascara with smaller bristles that will allow you to grab even the smallest lashes to help them stand out. Too Cool for School’s Escalator Mascara has a wand that does this with skill, giving you a long-lasting finish to complete your eye makeup that boosts lash length and volume while also enhancing the beauty of your almond-shaped eyes.

—Eun-Ha Park

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