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Want the sleek and straight ponytail worn by Sofia Carson at the 2018 Academy Awards? Or the wavy one that Anne Hathaway wore down the same red carpet? Because not all of us has hair long enough to tie back into a stunning ponytail, here’s how to achieve the same look, using one of the following methods.

Method 1: No extensions? No problem!

If your hair reaches past your shoulder blades, putting it up into a ponytail can have a shortening effect. Still, want long tresses? Try the stacked ponytail.

  1. Separate the hair on your head into two sections – the top and the bottom. The shape of the dividing line between the top and bottom sections should look like an upside-down U. This matters. You’ll see why in a moment.
  1. Gather the top section of hair and clip it out of the way for now.
  1. Take the bottom section and gather it into a tight tail a few inches above the nape of your neck.
  1. Scoop up the top section and make a second ponytail above the one on the bottom. This ponytail should be a bit looser so that you can add volume by pulling and fluffing out some strands.

If done correctly, the top ponytail is now directly above the bottom ponytail and will have successfully concealed the elastic base of the ponytail underneath it, giving you what looks like a single, long, graceful ponytail.

Method 2: The hair extension version

But what if your hair isn’t long enough to do the stacked ponytail? And it’s barely long enough to gather it back, but nothing more? Consider adding hair extensions to your beauty products lineup.

The wonderland world of hair extensions is a deep rabbit hole you should only venture into when you have time to marvel at your heart’s content. For this article, I’m going to assume you want hair extensions for a ponytail. Choices include wefts with clips or a ready-made ponytail with a Velcro or elastic attachment. Yes, you will need to shell out some cash. But once they’re yours, they’re yours for good. Here’s how to achieve the long ponytail look with hair extensions.

  1. For weft hair extensions: Section off the top third of your hair, and clip or tie aside. At the two-thirds mark, or directly under your sectioned off hair, gather up a little circle for a hidden ponytail, which you will use to snap your hair extensions around. Once your hair extensions are in place, undo the top part of your hair and gather your hair up around the extensions, hiding the base of the extensions from view. Tie it into one ponytail. Easy peasy! For a finishing touch, wrap some of your hair around the base to hide the ponytail’s elastic from sight.
  1. For clip-on or elastic ponytail extensions: Want the whole process to be even more simple? Hair extensions now come in already-styled ponytails. Here’s the process. Tie your hair back and then attach the already styled ponytail hairpiece around the outside of your real ponytail. Clip or tie it into place, using the hairpiece product’s method of fastening. And you are done! Some ponytail hairpieces come with the attachment part hidden by a loop of hair. Others require you to loop your hair around the base to hide the clip or elastic section.

Beauty tips from the frontlines: Perfect for the days when your haircare game has been slack, just slick your hair back, attach piece, and go.
Eun-Ha Park

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