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Spring has barely begun, yet many of us are already fantasizing about lounging in the sun with a fruity drink in one hand, and a beach-read in the other. If you’re like me, and you feel summer can’t come quickly enough for you, why not pass the time by getting your summer makeup kit ready to pass inspection? The makeup you wear during summer should be different from what you wear during other seasons because humidity wreaks havoc on powder-based anything.

Want some beauty tips from the pros on how to have a better summer look this year than in years’ past? Here is how to stay fresh and glowing, even while spending a whole day at the beach, or enduring 100 percent humidity as you navigate some exotic fresh air market in South-East Asia.

Let BB creams pull double-duty.

The first step in your fail-proof summer face is your foundation. Powder-based foundation gets cakey when combined with sweat + humidity. Go for cream- or liquid-based foundations. A smart choice: BB creams that provide SPF coverage, moisturize, and even out skin tone. Finding the right BB cream is a bit like falling in love. When it happens, you know. But until then, you’ll have to wade through a couple of duds to find the One. What will work for your skin type will be different for each person. Check out BB cream bestsellers and be prepared to try out one or two. Your search will be worth it when you find that match made in heaven.

Waterproof your eye makeup for maximum staying power.

Next up, your eye makeup game. Minimal is best. Skip the color on your eyelids, and instead opt for waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Yes, we said waterproof. And yes, we know it takes you ages to take it off when all you want to do is crawl into bed after a long day out in the summer heat. But no one said it would be easy. All we said is that you could look great despite the heat if—huge IF—you’re okay with a couple of extra minutes at night taking the stuff off.

Amp up your balm + stain = lip hybrid collection.

Dried and peeling lips are attractive to zero people. During the summer, what with eating ice-creams and chugging water, you will need a lipstick that can moisturize, but also will stay put. Think that such a unicorn among beauty products doesn’t exist? It does. Here’s proof. And more proof. And more proof. You’re welcome. You’re going to need these during the dog days of summer.

Go for a golden shine.

What best showcases golden summer days? Skin that looks sun-kissed. But it should only appear so because we all know that the sun belongs nowhere near our skin. That way lies heartbreak and sadness no matter how impressive your skincare routine is. A good bronzer can help it be believable when you tell everyone you spent countless days at the beach (and they have difficulty believing you ‘cuz you were a good girl and wore sunscreen).

Set that face!

To finish it all off, use a setting spray (also known as a makeup fixer) that will hold everything together and keep your face… er, your makeup… from dripping off. Pick one that doesn’t give an overly “wet” appearance to your skin. High humidity in the summertime will provide you with that for free, so no need to buy a dewy glow. Choose a product that smells great and gives your face a refreshed feeling for a little happy boost each time you apply.

—Eun-Ha Park

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