Decision overload is real, and no more so than when faced with too many options for how to create a stunning lip look.

If you are feeling fatigued in your search for the next perfect lip color, why not take a closer look at what is already in your makeup kit? Because chances are, pairing the right beauty products could give you a whole new signature look that you did not know you always wanted.

Here are a couple lipstick beauty tips for you to try out right now, with some key items found in most anyone’s cosmetics bag.

A duo lip tone for a fuller lip

Got lipstick liner? And lip balm? You are all set for fuller lips without artificial plumping agents. Outline your lips with your lipliner so that you get a slightly darker outline. Just don’t leave it like that, though. The 90s gave lipliner looks a bad name. Steer clear. Use your finger to smudge it in, so that the change of color is less harsh and more natural.

Smooth out the look with whatever lip balm you have in your bag, thus creating a natural ombre that mimics fuller lips. Double win if your lip balm has a slight tint that is a shade lighter than your lipliner.

Showstopping liquid lipsticks 

Liquid lipsticks, with one swipe, provide a bold hue and a shiny coating that is hard to achieve from lip colors that come in a traditional stick package. But because liquid lipsticks are meant to have longer staying power than stick varieties, it can have a dehydrating effect on your lips.

Evade this common problem by pairing a hydrating lip gloss or a lightweight, moisturizing lip balm over the liquid lipstick (once it dries and after blotting) to keep your lips chap-free. And you won’t have to give up the long-lasting stain that liquid lipsticks provide. 

Lip shimmer with depth

Makeup tips from experts tell us that lips do not need to be the star of the show every time. This is especially the case when you are going for an understated face that says, “I woke up like this!” In which case, you want lips that play a supporting role versus being the star attraction.

For that differentiation, pull out your shimmer gloss and your most natural lipstick shade in your lipstick line up and pair the two. The lip gloss helps to downplay the lip color by giving your face a fresh, youthful look. 

The matte lip look, without the cakiness

The matte lip is all the rage this year, but if you have been hesitant to get on board because of the possible cakiness factor, you are not alone. You love the sophisticated atmosphere that this lip style provides but the idea of a thick formula is not appealing.

However, a top-coat lipstick mattifier takes your favorite lipstick shade, and with a single swipe, transforms it into the perfect mattified lip color. No one will guess you are using two products to achieve this trending look. 

Lipstick makeover

Want to fall in love with your lipsticks all over again? Try this hack for best makeup results. Use concealer or your foundation on your lips to provide the right canvas for your lip color to shine as it was meant to. After applying a thin coat of beige on your lips, follow that up with any of the shades in your makeup bag. Most often, you will get a brighter pop of color than what you would typically get when wearing it without a neutralizing shade underneath.

Eun-Ha Park


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