Sweet like honey, baby. This manuka honey infused cream is what dreams are made of. 

Cosrx is known for its minimal and effective, high-performance formulations, and this Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream delivers just that. This product is compacted with ceramides and honey extracts. Okay, before I continue, I know what you’re thinking. What are ceramides?

Our skin is always exposed to incredibly harsh chemicals, environmental factors and free radicals on the daily. Ceramides in skincare mend cells together which then form a protective layer that nourishes the skin. Not only does it nourish, but it plumps and retains the moisture levels of your skin. They protect our skin’s natural barrier in order to help prevent and protect any nasties around us that can linger on the skin.

As for honey, oh, sweet honey. To put it simply, manuka honey deeply hydrates the skin while enhancing the elasticity of it all, too.

Why I Love It:

This cream has a medium to thick consistency without it being overwhelming. It almost has an underlying gel texture which is super soothing and creamy. It’s light enough for morning and thick enough for evening, which is why I love it so much. Recommend it for normal to dry skin.

—Despina D  


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