A good hair day and you feel ready to slay dragons. A bad hair day has the opposite effect (running away from sad dragon!). Your makeup can be on-point, your outfit stellar, but if the hair is not cooperating, you might feel like calling it a day. Unfortunately, most bosses don’t consider a bad hair day as a good excuse to skip work. So how do you keep your job and handle hair that won’t cooperate?

Bad hair days are a bunch of bad hair habits compiled together. Get rid of those bad habits and follow these super simple tips for healthy hair that will keep your locks shiny and your days free of lifeless hair!

If it looks dirty, it likely needs washing

There’s that fad of trying to see how long you can go without washing your hair. But what people get wrong is that if your hair is dirty, it needs to be washed! The accumulation of dust and dead skin cells will not do you or your fight against bad hair days any favors. The real problem is in your choice of what you wash your hair with and the products you use after washing.

If you battle with oily hair, then it could be that your scalp is overproducing oil because the shampoos or products you are using are too harsh. Uka Shampoo Wake Up!is gentle enough to be used daily, but still perfect for reviving flat, dull hair to its former glory. 

All that to say, if your hair isn’t looking good, it’s high time for a good cleanse with the right products. If your hair doesn’t lookoily or dirty, then you can leave well enough alone. Simple, right?

If it’s wet, be gentle

Did you know that wet hair is more prone to breaking? So it’s very important that you are gentle with your hair right after stepping out of the shower. If we’re going to be picky here, towel drying your hair like you see them gals do in movies creates lots of possibility for breakage. Instead, the move to master is blotting.

Press your towel firmly into wet hair to absorb moisture, versus trying to fling it away with vigorous rubbing. And don’t put your hair in an elastic when wet—likeliest chance of breaking hair right there.

If you use the dryer, turn it down low

Do you turn your hairdryer on to the highest setting to get your hair dry as quickly as possible? Yeah, that’s probably the main reason your hair looks dull and damaged. Excessive heat can damage hair like nothing else. So always, always use the medium to cold setting on your dryer.

Better yet, wait until your hair is about 80 percent dry and then use the hairdryer. You’ll reduce your electricity bill and spare your hair from overexposure to heat.

If you go out, cover it up

You remember to put on sunscreen before stepping out of the house, but what about protection for your hair? When hair is exposed to UVA or UVB rays, the hair cuticle gets damaged, and this results in hair that looks dry, brittle, or discolored. You see this type of hair on surfer dudes and it does not look attractive (nothing against surfer dudes, I swear). Wear a hat, or apply a hair serumthat protects your hair from environmental damage.

If you want to wear it up, tie it loosely

Repeatedly wearing your hair too tight can cause breakage and loss of hair in certain areas. If you have thin hair, you know that every hair strand is important! But even if you don’t, there are few who can afford a patchy scalp. 

If you considered the super tight, sleek ponytail your signature look, you might want to reconsider… Or figure out how to achieve the same look, minus the hair pulling that can cause hair loss if repeated too often. A better habit is to wear styles that won’t tug at hair roots. 

—Emma Jean

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