Skincare should be fun. But often it can turn into a downward and inward spiral of despair. You begin to recite all the ways you’re failing yourself and your face… 

But hold up. One of the biggest beauty products of the last five years is the massive popularity of the facemask. It’s a spa-day at home, and it gives you the feeling of being on top of your skincare routine game, even when you’ve been a bit negligent. What’s more, the variety is endless.

Wanna know what I’ve started doing? Pairing masks to fit my mood, evenings, mornings, or whichever of the many personalities I am dealing with at the moment. Beauty tips come in all shapes and sizes. Mine are therapy time with a twist.

Here are my favorite sheet masks for every occasion.

A sheet mask for when you have big plans for your day

Got a big day planned? Need your face to be as perky as a kid after a cup of coffee? I hear you. For those occasions when I need a good skin day, it calls for going all out.

Leaders’ Insolution Coconut Water Gel Volume & Glow Mask will give you bouncy, radiant, and yes, even glow-y skin if you start your day with this sheet mask. Ingredients include fermented coconut water as well as some coconut oil. Phytosqualene and adenosine aids with the lifting and firming. To use, apply to face for 10 to 20 minutes. Enough time for you to look up some makeup tips or write out your to-do list and get on top of your day.

An “I need cheering up” sheet mask

We all have those days when we’re not open for visitors. And all we want are new shows on Netflix and our favorite comfort food within arm’s reach. Naturally, binging on bad foods won’t be good for us in the long run, so what’s a girl to do then?

Facemasks can be hella fun, too. A heavyweight among the skincare brands, Tony Moly presents Mr. Smile Patch Hydrogel Mask. Shaped like a mustache, you place it over your laugh lines to reduce signs of aging. Ingredients include niacinamide, collagen, and sesame seed extract. This will make you crack a smile, while also reducing smile wrinkles. Win-win.

A sheet mask for when you’re feeling frazzled

Did you know that scents can help you pull the plug on those frazzled feelings? If you’ve been having a blah day, and need to reboot your emotions fast, aromatherapy experts point to citrus. Sniffing citrus can give you a boost in your energy, focus, and alertness levels. Combine a citrus scent with a facemask, and you get Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze Mask Lime. Not only will the smell perk your brain up, but the ingredients target puffiness and provide a brightening effect to your skin. Ten minutes with this miracle and you will feel right as rain.

A sheet mask for a better night of sleep

Everyone has experienced that one night of tossing and turning that results in dark shadows under the eyes the day after. So the next time you are up against a case of midnight blues, try Laneige’s Lavender Water Sleeping Mask. This is not a sheet mask, instead, it’s a gel that absorbs into the skin, and which you leave on throughout the night for refreshed, hydrated skin in the morning.

We won’t go so far as to say it will help you sleep. But at least it will prevent the worst of those under-eye shadows. And what’s more, the lavender scent has been found to ease anxiety and reduce insomnia in sufferers. In one study, researchers found that those who sniffed lavender before going to bed slept better than the control group!

—Eun-Ha Park
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