Detox types abound in the realm of health care. But did you know that your skin could use regular detoxing, too? As one of the organs that helps your body eliminate waste and impurities when this system isn’t working at peak condition, your skin will tell the tale.

Many skin issues, such as dryness, sensitivity, wrinkles, oiliness, unevenness in skin tone, dull skin, etc., may be signs that your skin needs a boost in helping your body get rid of impurities. If you’ve been hoping that slapping on some makeup products would solve your problems, you need to dig a little deeper, dear.

Here are some steps you should take If you’re looking to boost and reset your skin’s replenishing power and aid it in getting all the waste and impurities from your system.

Mind what you eat.

One of the main ways impurities get into your body is what you eat, so your first line of defense when it comes to cleansing your system is minding what you put in your mouth. While beauty products and skincare go a long way towards making one’s skin beautiful, they are helped by a healthy, balanced diet—which consists of vegetables galore and is sparse on refined foods. Cutting down on sugar and oily foods will go far in clearing up many skin problems you may be battling with. Go natural and fresh as much as possible as your first step in your skin detox plan.

And what you drink.

Specifically, you should be drinking more water. Not drinking enough water taxes our waste removal systems and leads to constipation… but it can also affect our moods, our brain function, and so much more. There are various tricks to keep fluid intake up, such as squeezing lemon in water, drinking herbal teas, setting alarm reminders, etc. Try them all. Develop a strategy that will keep you hydrated. Think of it as an immovable part of your skincare routine. Go overboard with what you try until something sticks and it becomes a habit.

Sweat it out.

Sweat helps the body get rid of impurities – such as salt, cholesterol, and even alcohol – and also secretes an antibiotic, which helps protect your skin as a whole. Sweat also helps purge the body of that stuff that clogs pores and causes pimples and blemishes. (But always cleanse after a sweat session!) You can sweat it out by going to the gym, sauna, spa, or create a little steam bath at home. A facial steam is easy to do yourself, and something you can add to your weekly skincare plan. Pour water (at boiling temperature) into a bowl and hold your face above it. Close enough so that you feel the steam on your face. Place a towel over your head so the steam doesn’t escape. Continue for 10 minutes.

Get muddy with mud masks.

Faithful readers will be familiar with the wonders of sheet masks, a recognizable signpost of East Asian skincare. Mud masks are great too.  Put a mud or clay mask into your weekly lineup. Mud or clay masks draw impurities from pores and your skin’s surface. Various mud masks will have different instructions, but overall, let the mask sit for 15 minutes before washing it off. Your skin will look brighter and purer afterward. You won’t be disappointed. Some experts suggest that you do a mud mask session after a steam session for maximum effect.

Fortunately, if you have instituted a healthy skincare routine, then you’ve taken concrete steps to help your skin detox daily. Additionally, the steps above can be added to your routine without too much refiguring of your beauty routine.

Eun-Ha Park

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