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I have struggled all my life with thin hair. For years, I wore it long, and only recently did I figure out that cutting it to about shoulder length alleviated some of the oil accumulation (something that happens much, much too quickly for girls with thin hair). But still, no matter how much I prayed and sprayed, nothing helped it become “fluffy” or “volumized.”

If you have hair like mine, you likely feel so ready for a game changer. These days, I’ve found a peaceful way to coexist with my hair. At least it doesn’t aggravate me so much, and I can see less scalp, a persistent worry for those with thin or fine hair. These are the shampoos recommended by beauty experts that individuals with thin hair should consider.

Renessence Follicle Forever Shampoo

Marketed for both thinning hair as well as aging hair, Follicle Forever Shampoo is magic in a bottle. And it’s suitable for all hair types, not only for those with thinning hair, so if you have some combination of hair that doesn’t seem to get high enough to suit your needs, this one is for you.

The ingredients are procapil, which energizes follicles for speedy growth. Biotin, a vitamin which speeds the hair growing process. CAPB goes deep into hair follicles to clear out dead skin cells and any leftover product buildup. Niacin does that thing of boosting blood flow for healthier looking hair. Somehow, these ingredients combined is what your hair has been missing out on. Not only does it give your hair great body, but it also gives it that extra LIFT. Also, it leaves a pleasant citrus orange smell.

A tad is pricey at $32 for a 7.5 fl oz. bottle. But if you’ve already spent $13,352 on hair products, you’re likely ready and willing to shell out some cash for a product that works.

Uka shampoo wake up!

Uka’s shampoo wake up! This shampoo is just one in a lineup of award-winning hair care products from Uka. Uka, is a Japanese nail, makeup, and haircare company with hair and nail salons at high-end locations throughout Japan for those who haven’t heard. This salon is the salon you book to make you awesome from your tips to your toes for that special day where you need to bring your A game.

The way they do haircare is in line with their overall philosophy about beauty products in general: Ingredients should come from nature. True to form, this shampoo is 97 percent sourced from natural ingredients. Expect it to both cleanse the scalp thoroughly and then lift your hair from the root—giving you more volume everywhere hair follicles meet scalp. Lucky bonus, you’ll smell like a garden, Valencia orange, Italian lemon, lavender, rosemary will waft about you wherever you amble.

Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Growth Therapy

This shampoo is listed as the bestselling-est shampoo on Amazon and other beauty sites. First, Art Natural wants you to know that a significant cause of hair loss is when your body starts producing DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which cuts off blood supply to hair roots. Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Growth Therapy works by blocking your body’s DHT, preventing you from losing precious strands (that you need on your hair, dammit).

Made primarily of natural ingredients, Art Natural's Argan Oil shampoo tackles the thinning hair problem from the angle of “Well, let’s grow you some more.” Which is refreshing, cuz’ even with all my hair woes, I haven’t tackled it from that angle, ever.

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