Whether you have extensive travel plans or prefer a staycation with lots of indoor air conditioning and Netflix—one thing is for sure: Summer weather can have your regular makeup or skincare routine in a bind. But, thankfully, we have a fix for you.

Here are our favorite beauty products that belong in your makeup kit because they will keep you looking fresh and breezy and ready for the beach, even if you’re planning on staying indoors.


The humidity of some climates during the summer can leave your pores looking unsightly. So we’ve picked out Caolin’s Premium Pore Original Pack as the product that will cool, tighten, and soothe your face. This clay mask removes impurities, exfoliates (gently!), and clears off dead skin cells. If you are troubled with large pores, you’re also in for some luck with this product as the actions it takes while providing you with a deep clean also minimizes pores, as well as other blemishes.


How young (and how old) your skin looks 10 or 20 years down the line depends on how much care you put into a good sunscreen. Thus, we consider a good sunscreen worth its weight in gold. Let’s consider ourselves lucky that COSRX uses a different method of pricing (not priced in gold!). One of their iconic products is their Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50 +. Smooth, buttery, leaving a soft glow and no weird residue, this is everything you want in a sunscreen and nothing you don’t. Another huge plus is that it works great under makeup for those times when you want to look glam at the poolside.  

Long gone are the days when you could feel yourself sweat under a layer of SPF. Today’s formulations are all about keeping you cool while also pulling their weight in brightening your complexion. Double whammy! Case in point: Enature’s Plantilicious UV sunscreen, which is an SPF 48 sunscreen that contains ingredients that brighten, soothe, and cool. You’re welcome.


After a long day of wearing sweat, sunscreen, and cosmetics, your skin wants a cleanser that doesn’t play around. Su:m37’s Bright Award Enzyme Powder Wash is the product that means business while also being refreshingly different. Place a small bit of the powder in your hand and add some water to create suds. Use the foaming suds to cleanse your skin from a long, hot day.


Is moisturizer needed during summer weather? When humidity can run up to 90 percent in some places? The answer is YES if the product you are talking about is Damask Rose Soothing Gel from Aromatica, which is nothing short of a blessing to skin everywhere (particularly dry or irritated skin). This moisturizer is formulated with 95 percent rose water and fortified with no less than 6 berry extracts to come together in a beautiful blend of nutrition and hydration for all skin types.

Lip and Nail Care

Just because your lips are not peeling does not mean you no longer need lip balm. Uka’s Lip and Nail Balm Sweet Talk not only keeps lips from getting chapped and from peeling, but it also softens lips, too. Which means that you’ll have an easier time when you need to apply some lipstick, gloss, or whatever lip product that comes after. Oh yeah, and this product can be used on dry cuticles, too.


Another masterful product from Enature: Squeeze Green Watery Serum. This product is light textured, which makes it perfect for the hot days of summer, but with its formulation it goes to work to revive dull skin via safflower, evening primrose oil, parsley extract, and glycerin ingredients.

—Eun-Ha Park

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