Can your moisture game take a break during summer weather? Maybe, yes. Maybe, no. It depends on if you shun all water activity and avoid jumping into the shower multiple times in a day. But more-than-usual exposure to water will affect your skin. Since it’s likely you’re going to want to splash about a bit, your skincare game should not lag either.

Read on for how to keep your skin happy, despite water fights, pool time, and countless cold showers to cool you off when the heat and humidity gets to be too much!

Oily skin

Breakouts can happen when you combine oily skin with your wintertime moisturizer during humid summer weather. These ingredients do not play well together. Your sweat, the moisture from the air, and residue from your moisturizing cream combine to create the perfect breeding ground for Public Enemy No.1, acne bacteria.

Summer is all about finding beauty products that pull double duty in giving you both moisturizer, SPF, and oil moderation (because layering too much product on your face is not a nice feeling on a blistering day). A perfect example of this: Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF 50 absorbs into your skin, is water and sweat resistant, and provides sebum control.

Combination skin

An effective moisturizing routine for combination skin takes some fine tuning to nail. If your winter routine consisted of separate products to treat your oily T zone and a different product for your dry rough patches, summer might give you a little good news. Those dry rough patches? Not so much trouble for a few months of relief. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require care.

Look for a product that bolsters your skin’s barrier and locks moisture in all the key places. For instance, E Nature’s Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin has soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as chamomile, plantain seed extract, and a whopping 78% birch sap! This formula is lightweight in texture and leaves a radiant glow. Birch juice, in case you’re wondering, mimics your skin’s ability to naturally produce moisture, so it does a bang-up job of helping your skin maintain an even moisture balance on your face. A product to hold close to your heart.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types never have it easy. During the summer, your skin is dealing with (aka freaking out because of) chemicals in pool water, seaside salt water, sunscreen that doesn’t match, etc. But thankfully, a well-found product goes a long way to keeping sensitive skin calm and less reactive.

You know, of course, to avoid any ingredients that are well-known causes of irritation, but additionally, look for products that are made of fewer ingredients and leave skin feeling refreshed. Aromatica’s 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel is easily absorbed and is great after a day in the sun. This product has a high percentage of organic ingredients, so it’s great for all skin types.

Dry skin

Dry skin means that even during summer, you do not need to put away your wintertime high-dose hydrating formulas. But who likes the feel of sweat forming under your beauty creams? Ugh.

So hotter weather is a great excuse to try out some lightweight SPF and moisturizing hybrids that come with huge doses of vitamin E and vitamin C.

Formulas that get it right are non-greasy in appearance and give you an even tone and a youthful glow. Try this one from Missha for a SPF 45 formula with hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

—Eun-Ha Park

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