Blemish Spot Solution Set


Blemish Spot Solution Set

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The Serum: This dermatologist-approved spot solution serum is another highly popular product from the Korean beauty company Mizon. Acence Blemish Spot Solution Serum provides both prevention and relief when applied to inflamed spots, and brings fast-working solutions — both visually and under the surface. Good for all skin types, with ingredients carefully chosen to avoid irritating sensitive skin. Use on cleaned and prepped skin after the toner and moisturizing stage of your skincare routine.

The Cream: Acne and blemishes remain one of the most common skincare concerns across the globe. Korean skincare company Mizon’s Acence Mark X Blemish After Cream firmly addresses this common issue with this intensive care cream that addresses multiple skin troubles in one go. Ingredients include propolis at 12.5 percent, which helps skin cells recover and renew. While licorice extract and other highly effective ingredients smooth out skin tone and brighten dull areas. Use after the face washing step in your skincare routine. Additionally, it can be used throughout the day over makeup, if needed.

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