Snail 80 Intensive Repairing Serum

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Formulated with 80% of snail secretion filtrate for wrinkle care and skin regeneration. Snail extract has been popular for over a decade in the South Korean skincare scene. Fans of the serum report that the look of their wrinkles and fine lines have improved dramatically and that old scars have faded by at least 80%. This serum comes in with a pump applicator to dispense the correct amount for your face and neck. Use it on your neck first and then work upwards. Right out of the pump, the serum is concentrated and sticky to the touch, but immediately after application, the gel-like texture will absorb into the skin and leave you will a velvety feel. Use on clean skin during the serum step of your routine. For drier skin, we recommend using this serum before your moisturizer. For oilier skin, we recommend using it instead of your moisturizer for a velvety feel during the day.
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